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About Us

Karol Avalon
Executive Producer
Ocean of Gratitude Cruise

During these times of accelerated change many teachers and guides are emerging to educate, inspire and disseminate information for our growth and evolution. Karol’s intention is to produce events, on land and sea, which showcase these individuals. Events range from small group journeys to large conferences-at-sea.

Karol Avalon has been traveling on her personal odyssey for over 35 years. Her broad range of creative and commercial skills, impeccable character and sincere dedication to supporting and inspiring others to grow and change in positive ways have earned Karol great respect and love from her colleagues and friends.

Karol was instrumental in the production of the 'Millennium Celebration on Kauai' in 1999 and 2000 as well as the Yoga Cruise in 2003.

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