Ocean of Gratitude Cruise
Sail the exotic western caribbean

highlights of 2007 cruise
Niurka  Michael Beckwith Darren Weissman  

Author "Laws of Supreme Influence"

Michael Bernard Beckwith
Agape Int'l Spiritual Center


Dr. Darren Weissman
Author "Power of Infinite Love & Gratitude"

Marybeth Grant
Marybeth Grant
Anne O'Neil
Anne O'Neil
Yoga Instructor
Shawn Gallaway
Shawn Gallaway
Guitarist & Singer

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Receive 18 hours of engaging, informative, and Powerful Seminars
Anchor your gratitude with the Water Blessing Ceremony
Uplifting presentations by Michael Bernard Beckwith, featured in The Secret
Experience The LifeLine Technique™ with Dr. Darren Weissman
Explore the principles of Gratitude in The Prosperity Circle™ presented by Christiane Schull
Strike Fire in Your Heart with music performed by Rickie Byars Beckwith
Activate your energy to the beat of the The Rhythm of Gratitude Drum Experience under the stars with Christine Stevens
Enjoy soul-Nourishing Films such as Living Luminaries
Join a Special Land Excursion in Panama:  Drum Circle Cultural Exchange Event under the Bridge of the Americas by the Panama Canal. (Optional-Separate Fee)
Bask in the warmth of Conscious Conversations
Participate in SoulArt Collage Workshops with Eveline Marie
Swim in a bountiful ocean of fun, joy and relaxation

Testimonials from 2007 Gratitude Cruise

" The presentations I heard on the cruise about happiness and generosity being 'one and the same' have changed my life. I'm experiencing acts of generosity (both giving AND receiving), that surprise even me! I'm looking forward to the privilege of holding your soles in my hands on the Ocean of Gratitude Cruise 2008!" -- Linda F, Hawaii (Reflexologist)

"WOW! what a Gratitude Cruise can do! A little salt air, the loving energy, some spirited drumming and I saw a whole new side of my husband of 50 years! Priceless!"-- Joyce B, Ohio


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Rickie Byars Beckwith
Rickie Byars Beckwith agapelive.com
Christiane Schull
Christiane Schull
Christine Stevens
Christine Stevens
Amazing journey of gratitude
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